Motorized iPad docking station for iPad 2-4 /
Landscape / white / 110-230V / brushed aluminum bezel white / open with code combination /
with Lightning connector / installation box required

With shipment pick up by own for 0,00 Ft
Sales price: 393306 Ft
Sales price without tax: 309690 Ft
Tax amount: 83616 Ft

• Motorized docking and release

• Opening mechanism via 4-digit programmable code

• Back-up administration codes

• Closing mechanism via proximity touch button

• Continuous power supply when docked

• Docking status notification

• Available in piano black and opal white

• Available for 110/230V, 12V and PoE

• Custom colors and multiple codes set-up available

• Aluminium faceplate, magnet mounted

iRoom’s iDock Touchcode is the perfect solution whenever your iPad™ needs to be securely stored. For digital signage use in public areas like showrooms or shops, as control panel for boardrooms or as the intelligent concierge in hotels, the possible applications are endless. Thanks to the integrated keypad, the iPad™ can be locked in the docking station and can only be released by entering a 4-digit number code. The LED lit keypad is activated by a proximity sensor and will turn o after entering the security code. Your iPad™ is continuously charged while in the docking station. With iRoom’s iDock Touchcode your iPad™ is always safely stored and fully charged.